Our brands - what we rely on

Why we think that a multi-brand strategy is the right way to success?
Quite simple: We as a company have specialized in the Amazon marketplace. A customer base in the millions that is growing day by day and clicks on our products with a clear purchase intention were certainly decisive for this decision.

If we concentrate on a single brand, we artificially limit our assortment to a minimum and thus limit ourselves. We identify opportunities and pursue them on the basis of clear structures.

The multi-brand strategy has proven to be ideal for achieving our ambitious goals.


Cooking with passion. With our brand "CUCINO" we would like to provide hobby as well as professional chefs with tools that are not only characterized by extraordinary quality, but also follow the same way of thinking as our companies.

– functional – modern – unique


No more bricks in your pocket!

With our brand "SG-ZERO" we have created a product which should accompany you in all situations of life. Our minimalistic and at the same time high quality design makes the products a suitable accessory for every occasion.